Personalised health coaching and medically sound guidance from a qualified nurse and weight management practitioner.

A comprehensive program of education, support and care that will lead to:

Sustainable Behavioural Change
A Healthy Lifestyle
Long Term Weight Management

Create your healthy lifestyle by incorporating the four essentials:



Design your meal plan around the latest study findings and research to maximise results through eating healthy nutritious foods, eating frequently and ensuring adequate macro and micro nutrients to keep you healthy. The aim of this essential is for you to start eating in a way that is healthy and sustainable for the rest of your life.


Design your physical activity around your lifestyle and what you enjoy doing. Physical activity is an important essential as it will not only improve your chances of meeting your healthy weight goals, but will benefit your health in many other ways such as improving your mental health and reducing your risk of developing chronic conditions and some cancers.


Develop strategies to support life-long behaviour change and identify behaviours which could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts without you even realising. Research shows your mindset can profoundly impact your life, especially your health.


With the right support, tools and resources it is much easier to plan and prepare for potential obstacles and to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals. Using the My Health Priority Journal and other resources, you will be equipped to identify patterns that emerge and create plans to prevent them from occurring again.

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  • “Working with Emma, and the My Health Priority Weight Management Programme, was an amazing experience. Rather than a diet or a weight loss programme, Emma promotes a more wholistic approach, exploring how habits and patterns of thought contribute to the choices we make about our health. Working with Emma enabled me to take control of some of the ways I eat, work and exercise, and has had demonstrable effects on my overall health”
    Matt Client

Make your Health a Priority

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